Speakers at ICG-13

Ludmila (Mila) Pollock, MLIS, as Executive Director of the internationally recognized Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Library & Archives since 1999 and the Genentech Center for the History of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology since its founding in 2006, oversees collections of rare books in genetics and collections of original materials of prominent scientists which provide deep insight into the history of molecular biology and genetics.


For the past 18 years, one of the major foci of Mila's attention has been the history of the Human Genome Project. With Kevin Davies, she led the development of a comprehensive wiki and accompanying e-book titled, "The Human Genome Project: An Annotated & Interactive Scholarly Guide to the Project in the United States," which includes reference links to scientific publications, datasets, notebooks, the people involved, and more. She also led the "International Catalog of the History of the Human Genome Project," presenting a descriptive catalog of original scientific materials from China, France, Germany, Japan, the UK, and the USA.She is co-editor of the book Faces of the Genome(2018), which will be translated in China soon.


Education has always been an important focus of Mila's efforts. She has created many national and international exhibitions promoting life sciences, and for the past fifteen years has been interviewing prominent scientists for the CSHL Oral History Project she founded,Talking Science.


Mila initiated the History of Science series of international meetings at CSHL, celebrating the origins, development, and current research in specific fields in molecular biology. The 2015 meeting explored "The Evolution of Sequencing Technology: A Half Century of Progress."


Mila is a member of the CSHL Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Program, AAAS, and ALA/ACRL; and serves on the Grolier Club Public Exhibition Committee and the NIH/NLM Grants for Scholarly Works in Biomedicine and Health Review Committee.

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