Speakers at ICG-13

Dr Dan Frampton is the senior bioinformatician based in the Division of Infection and Immunity, UCL (University College London), UK.  He is currently working with Professor Rachel McKendry at the London Centre for Nanotechnology on the design of a rapid diagnostic test for drug resistance in tuberculosis.


His previous role was Senior Bioinformatician on the ICONIC and PANGEA projects (funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, respectively), where he designed and implemented an automated pipeline to assemble viral genomes and identify drug resistance mutations from Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data for ~20,000 clinical samples. He was responsible for investigating potential clinical linkages between patients in several influenza outbreaks, evaluating and advising on subsequent infection control measures.  Whilst developing analytical methods, Dr Frampton also established a local workflow for storing and updating NGS data for high-throughput genomic studies.


His current research interests centre around public health genomics, using NGS data to facilitate more accurate surveillance of infectious disease outbreaks and generate more patient-centric diagnostic and prognostic tools for clinicians. Dr Frampton is particularly interested in identifying and trialing broader areas that would benefit from his research methods. As such his previous projects have been quite diverse, including: host and viral transcriptomics of chickenpox, characterisation of llama B-cell repertoires and differential expression / methylation analysis of canine transmissible venereal tumours (CTVT).  These projects have shown that these innovative working methods can be applied widely and generate groundbreaking ways forward in scientific research. 
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