Speakers at ICG-13

FIELDS OF EXPERTISE:plant breeding, genetic variation, GM crops


QUALIFICATIONS: MSc, University of Wageningen PhD, Friedrich Wilhelm University, Bonn



1988-2012: Full Professor

1993-1999: Founder and first Director of Plant Sciences Graduate School (EPS)

1998-2004: Science director Plant Sciences Group Wageningen UR

2004-2009: CSO- Plant Sciences Group

2005-2011: Scientific Program Director on Inventions for Sustainable Agriculture, Transforum  Agrotechnology and Green Space

Co-founder of the Sino-Dutch joint lab of Vegetable Genetics and Breeding at IVF-CAAS and of the Joint WU-CAAS PhD program in Vegetable Genomics


OUTPUT: Publications: >350 in reviewed journals, books and proceedings; Supervisior of 84 PhD’s


Some key publications:

-       Schouten, H.; Krens, F.; Jacobsen, E. (2006). "Do cisgenic plants warrant less stringent oversight?". nature Biotechnology. 24 (7): 753

-     Zhu S.; Li Y.; Vossen J.H.; Visser R.G.F.; Jacobsen E. (2011). Functional stacking of three resistance genes againstPhytophthora infestansin potato. Transgenic Research 21:89-99.

-   Kwang-Ryong Jo, Chol-Jun Kim, Sung-Jin Kim, Tok-Yong Kim, Marjan Bergervoet, Maarten A Jongsma, Richard GF Visser, Evert Jacobsen and Jack H Vossen. ((2014). Development of late blight resistant potatoes by cisgene stacking. BMC Biotechnology 2014, 14:50 doi.org/10.1186%2F1472-6750-14-5072-6750-14-50

-       Ying Li, David E.L. Cooke, Evert Jacobsen and Theo van der Lee. Efficient multiplex simple sequence repeat genotyping of the oomycete plant pathogenPhytophthora infestans. Journal of Microbial Methods 92:316-322.

-  Sun K, Wolters AM, Vossen JH, Rouwet ME, Loonen AE, Jacobsen E, Visser RG, Bai Y. 2016. Silencing of six susceptibility genes results in potato late blight resistance. Transgenic Res. 25:731-42.

JOB-RELATED SOCIAL POSITIONS/AWARDS: Member/chairman of COGEM (1994-2010; Dutch Committee on Genetic Modification); external advisor of EFSA and member of EASAEAC (European Academies Science Advisory Council) working group for the report: Planting the Future: opportunities and challenges for using crop genetic improvement technologies for sustainable agriculture.

- MAJOR SCIENTIFIC AWARDS: Honorary Visiting ProfessorofCAAS (Chinese Academy of Agri cultural Science); International Scientific and Technology Cooperation Award of the P.R. China 2005.

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