Speakers at ICG-13
Long-Fei Wu is a Research Director at Institute of Mediterranean Microbiology of CNRS-AMU in Marseille, France. He received his early education at Shandong University in China before earning his Master and PhD in Microbiology and Biochemistry at National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon, France. After postdoctoral training with Milton Saier at University of California San Diego, he joined CNRS in 1990. He is French Scientific Coordinator of a France-China international associated laboratory and focus on the study of evolution and development of magnetotactic multicellular organisms. He is particularly interested in the paradox and paradigm of photobiology in the dark oceans. His laboratory investigates the diversity and evolution of magnetic prokaryote multicellularity using genomics and microbiology methods in combination with advance microfluidic and microscopy technologies.
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