Speakers at ICG-13

My experiences and interests are diverse. Born in California my family originated in Scandinavia. I am currently working at the Sooam Biotech Research Institute.  I have a background in organic agriculture, bachelors in biology, masters in applied biotechnology and thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the created world. I was born and raised outside of a small town in California, moved through the US during my bachelors, working summers and free time with work on and related to the family farm. After college I returned home and became even more involved with agriculture. I worked for several years before pursuing my masters, to try and satiate some of my curiosity for the natural world. During this time, I was able to do missions work in Nicaragua where I learned Spanish and developed a heart for the developing world. Having long desired to return to my ancestral home, combined with the fact that the universities are rated some of the highest in the world, I moved to Uppsala Sweden where I completed my masters in Applied Biotechnology. Afterwards I moved to Lund University to do my doctoral work in the department of Experimental Medical Science and the department of Laboratory Medicine, where I focused on work related to cancer and the extracellular matrix. Following my PhD, I transitioned to Seoul, South Korea to work with and develop techniques for the preservation and restoration of endangered and extinct species.

My love for nature, interest in business, and heart for humanity and the environment match well with and link my varied interest and expertise. I’m always looking for the next step and new idea and hope to be able to pursue the completion of some of the more key goals and projects to better humanity and the world through value creation in business, science and technology. In my spare time I enjoy the outdoors including hunting, fishing, mushroom picking and the like. I also involve myself in committees, sports and my local church whenever possible.


I strive to continue the pursuit of knowledge and the development of value in whatever I do. My current and future goals are related to preservation and restoration of endangered and extinct species, seeing cancer and diseases treated with increasing efficiency and the betterment of our world increasing species, environment and ultimately human wellbeing. I am optimistic about the future and look forward to seeing the advancements it will unveil. 
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