Speakers at ICG-13

As the past Director of the Human Genome Project for US. Department of Energy, Dr. Hawkins has built a recognized career in the healthcare industry over the past 25 years spanning business, academic innovation and as an entrepreneur.


Dr. Hawkins is currently the Founder & Managing Partner at IGenes LLC, a consulting and investment firm working with a portfolio of global companies. Clients include General Electric, Ping An, Google, Grifols, Ativa Medical, Data Cubed, EdenRoc Sciences and BioElectron.


IGenes LLC provides consulting services to companies ranging from technology roadmaps, strategy development and evaluation, market modeling, product development roadmaps and regulatory approval.


Previously, Dr. Hawkins has held several senior executive roles at Siemens Healthcare, Philips and General Electric. He was also a successful entrepreneur building and selling a diagnostic company based in Shanghai & San Francisco.


Dr. Hawkins has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles on automation, genomics, human diseases and the human genome project in addition to writing a book, “Solving the Healthcare Equation” which is expected to be completed in 2019.

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