Speakers at ICG-13

Born on October 16th 1978 in El Paso, Texas, USA (US and German citizenship)


Number of co-authored manuscripts: 381


Cumulative impact factor: 4411


h-index: 75 (according to Scopus)


Prof. Franke received his PhD from Kiel University in 2006 (summa cum laude, with exception). Two years later he became Assistant professor, being 29 years of age. In 2011, he received an endowment associate professorship, which he took on until 2016. In 2016, he became a full professor and director of the institute. Prof. Franke received the Thannhauser prize from the DGVS in 2017 and in the same year he was also named “Schleswig-Holstein Excellence Professor” by the University.


The main scientific interests of Prof. Franke are the development and establishment of novel high-throughput technologies, the inherent bioinformatic integration and application of both to identify genetic and epigenetic causes of chronic inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, and atopic eczema. Having worked on genome-wide association studies for the last years, his research agenda currently focuses on clinical data management, whole-genome and whole-exome resequencing, microbiome analyses and immunogenetics studies. One of his prime interests is currently the search for an antigenic peptide in ulcerative colitis, for which he employs, for example, HLA fine mapping and TCR profiling.


The institute (IKMB) of Prof. Franke comprises over 140 employees and hosts the largest academic next-generation sequencing (NGS) facility in Germany. The IKMB is embedded into the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH), which is Germany’s second largest University Hospital.

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