Speakers at ICG-13

Todd Dickinson has focused his professional career in the area of genomics. Dr. Dickinson is a founding scientist of Illumina, Inc, and during his 12-year tenure there held numerous technical and commercial roles of increasing responsibility. After earning undergraduate degrees in chemistry and theology from St. Olaf College, and a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry at Tufts University under the direction of Professor David Walt, Dr. Dickinson helped start Illumina in 1998 based on ideas conceived in the Walt lab. Dr. Dickinson helped establish the product development processes at Illumina and led several of the earliest project teams. He has directed programs in optical chemical detection, the design and development of the early array formats used in Illumina's industry-leading BeadArray® microarray product lines, and several major strategic programs aimed at developing future-generation sequencing platforms. Dr. Dickinson has also held several commercial management roles. As Director of Product Marketing at Illumina, his teams carried out over 60 product launches in a two-year period, and achieved triple-digit growths across several product lines. In 2011 he joined BioNano Genomics, an early-stage genomics technology company in San Diego, to lead the commercialization of a novel nanochannel array platform. During his tenure at BioNano, Dr. Dickinson served as Vice President of Product Development, and subsequently as Vice President of Global Commercial Operations, and led the company’s worldwide launch of its flagship product offering, the Irys system. Currently Dr. Dickinson is CEO of two early-stage genomics companies: Dovetail Genomics, and Arc Bio, and is a Director of the parent company EdenRoc Sciences. He serves as an Advisor to several genomics start-up companies, and is an inventor on ten patents and patent applications.

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