Speakers at ICG-13

Prof. Dr. Andreas Keller is spokesperson of the Center for Bioinformatics and heads the Chair for Clinical Bioinformatics. He is member of the Medical Faculty of Saarland University and the Saarland Informatics Campus since 2013. Keller studied computational biology at his alma mater. Likewise at Saarland University, Keller did his Ph.D in Computational Biology and qualified as a professor in Human Genetics. Before joining the university, Keller was VP for Biomarker Discovery at the Heidelberg-based company febit GmbH, where he operated one of the first German High-Throughput Sequencing Labs. From 2011 on, he was director for diagnostic innovation at the Siemens Healthineers Headquarter in Erlangen, Germany, where he was responsible for disruptive developments in molecular diagnosis and healthcare IT systems. In 2016, he co-founded the molecular diagnostic company Hummingbird Diagnostics in Heidelberg and Boston, a company with focus on blood-borne non-coding RNA biomarkers for early stage lung cancer, neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease) as well as heart failure. Currently, he is also the lead scientist at Hummingbird Diagnostics and consultant for different other bio- and med-tech companies.


Keller’s Research focus is the development of novel multi-parametric diagnostic tests using machine learning and deep learning techniques. In particular, he aims at making complex test results understandable and explainable for clinicians and patients and to integrate genomic, transcriptomic, phenomic and radiomic data. In addition to the non-coding RNA research, Keller works on models to predict resistance against antibiotics in infectious diseases from next-generation sequencing data. For this project - that is currently commercialized with Ares Genetics in Vienna - Keller was honored by the "Germany - Land of Ideas" award in 2017.


Keller is co-author of 200 peer-reviewed research manuscripts that get cited 1,000 times per year. He is also innovator on 78 patent filings and granted patents in the area of biomarkers and computational approaches for diagnosing diseases and predicting the therapy response.

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