Speakers at ICG-13

Dr. Guanghui Liu is a professor at the Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He aims to identify the mechanisms underlying human stem cell aging and their implications in human age-associated disorders. The mission of Dr. Liu’s laboratory is to establish a global view on the factors contributing to or antagonizing human stem cell aging, and to develop novel therapeutic interventions for the goal of “healthy aging”. His studies have demonstrated that (1) Heterochromatin alteration is a driver of human aging (Science 2015); (2) Dysregulated NRF2 pathway results in stem cell senescence (Cell 2016; Nature 2011; Cell Res 2016); (3) LRRK2 mutation leads to the degeneration of neural stem cells in Parkinson’s disease (Nature 2012); (4) Targeted gene correction improves the hematopoietic stem cell activity in Fanconi Anemia (Nat Commun 2014); (5) PTEN-deficiency reprograms human neural stem cells towards glioblastoma stem like cells (Nat Commun 2015); (6) both HDAdV and TALEN are safe methods for correcting diseased genome, and the telHDAdV (a novel HDAdV and TALEN combined technique) demonstrates a much higher gene-editing efficiency (Cell Stem Cell 2011/2014); (7) Eight disease mutations are successfully corrected by various gene editing tools; (8) A single nucleotide editing in NRF2 gene endow human stem cells with resistance to senescence and oncogenic transformation (Cell Res 2017); (9) Ribosomal DNA attrition acts as a novel biomarker of human aging (Cell Res 2017); (10) Oltipraz, Vitamin C, and Metformin are identified as geroprotective compounds with human stem cell aging models (Cell 2016; Aging Cell 2018). Dr. Liu has published over 80 publications in Nature, Science, Cell, etc. prestigious journals. Dr. Liu has been an active member of the international scientific community; he is the president of Chinese Society of Aging Cell Research (CSACR), and an Associate Editor of Stem Cell Research & Therapy, and Protein & Cell.    

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