Speakers at ICG-13

Dr. Xiaohua Gong is currently a full professor of Optometry and Vision Science, Stem Cell Center, UC Berkeley-UCSF Graduate Studies in Bioengineering in UC Berkeley, USA. He is also an affiliated professor at Tsinghua Berkeley Shenzhen Institute, China. He was received BA from school of pharmacy, Fudan University and MS from the department of biochemistry and molecular genetics at Shanghai Medical School, Fudan University, China; and PhD from the department of cell biology at The Scripps Research Institute, and a Postdoctoral fellowship in School of Medicine at UC San Diego, USA.


Dr. Gong’s research aims to study molecular and cellular mechanisms of eye development and diseases, especially cataracts and retinal degenerations, by using multidisciplinary techniques from the fields of genetics, molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, and physiology. Dr. Gong has been granted for five NIH research grants since 2000 and one East Bay Community Foundation grant and a NIH/NEI core grant for vision research. He has more than 60 publications in Peer-reviewed journals.


Dr. Gong is a permanent member at NIH Peer Review Committee -BVS study section, a permanent member of the Biology & Medicine Panel of the Research Grant Council of Hong Kong, and an editorial board member for JBC, served as a reviewer for many academic journals including PNAS, Development, JBC, J of Cell Science, Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science (IOVS), Experimental Eye Research, Mechanisms of Development, etc. He is a member of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, a member of the American Society for Cell Biology. At UC Berkeley, Dr. Gong is a member of graduate advisory committee in the Vision Science program, a member of thesis committee of Ph.D. candidates, a member of qualifying exam committee of Ph.D. graduate students, and a member of the admission committee for the UCSF/UCB Bioengineering graduate program. 

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