Poster Session



Submission for the Poster Session will open to all participants. All the peer-reviewed posters will be rewarded with RMB 100 Yuans, and the outstanding ones will be considered for receipt of the Outstanding Poster Award. Judging is done on site by a select set of judges, and the award is given at the conference banquet.


You need to log in "My ICG 13" to submit the abstract. 







1. Presenting authors NEED to register before submitting your abstract.

2. All abstracts must be submitted or modified before September 1, 2018.  

3. Please check the abstract carefully for typographical errors, author’s name and organization before submission. The ICG Organizing Committee does not proofread or correct spelling, typographical or grammatical errors.

4. The ICG Organizing Committee will contact the authors of selected posters by e-mail before September 15, 2018.

5. Any questions about the abstract should be directed to




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