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New, cutting edge, unpublished research in the field of large scale biological and biomedical research are all invited to submit to a new session at BGI's ICG (International Conference on Genomics) conference in Shenzhen, on Oct. 25-28, 2018. This track will include submissions for both theoretical and experimental 'omics' research in areas covered by GigaScience's scope.


Using a cutting-edge review process, submissions will be accepted as pre-prints in BioRxiv and peer-reviewed openly in a special channel of the Preprint Space peer review platform.


Peer-review and prize judging will be handled by the GigaScience editors and a panel encompassing other session chairs and external experts. Accepted papers will then have a chance to be published in GigaScience and will be presented in a special track at ICG-13 conference.




What is Offered:



Each author of a submission that is accepted for the series will be given complimentary registration and compensation for travel to ICG-13, so they can present their winning work in the GigaScience Prize track.


The top paper will receive a cash prize of $1,000 USD and a free APC (article processing charge: usually worth $2,000 USD). Second place will receive a free APC; Third Place 75% off an APC; and all other papers awarded a presentation in the track will receive a 50% APC discount.


Papers that are sound but don't meet the criteria for this session may be offered as talks in other sessions or poster presentations at the conference.




Key Dates:



Paper submission is now: Open

Paper submission deadline: June 30, 2018

First round of peer review: August 15, 2018

Presentation decision: September 15, 2018




Submission Guidelines:



Papers submitted for review should represent original, previously unpublished work that use, produce, or provide analysis tools for large data in the 'omics' fields.


1. Submit your paper through bioRxiv, then use the integrated functionality to transfer it to GigaScience.

2. Include a message to us stating: "This is a submission to the GigaScience Prize Track".

3. Once your submission is live, we will add it to the Preprint. Space channel here:




Previous Winners:



This is the second time the prize is being held, and we hope it meets the high standard of the 2017 winners which included the innovative assembly strategy of the genome of the critically endangered Solenodon, and the first near-complete assembly of the hexaploid bread wheat genome. The videos of the six winning talks are available to watch on the Giga TV youtube and youku channels.


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2017 GigaScience Prize Track Winners




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